Happy Birthday, Dad!

Jack’s birthday present to me was a whopping 10 minutes of no-nonsense, calm while I got to play some CoD on the Xbox 360.  Yes, 10 minutes doesn’t sound like a lot of time and, I know, I’m way behind the curve with getting the Xbox One.  But I’ll take 10 minutes of feeling like my normal self and getting to play a video game here and there.  And there are so many games I haven’t played that came out on the 360 console that I have plenty of time to beat those games before moving towards the One.

It’s really the little things.  Three months ago, when Jack was born, everything was so new and overwhelming that it really did feel like you had no other choice but to lose yourself and become 100% Dad.  I’ll be honest, it felt like prison with a very long sentence to serve!  I know parents before us said that things get easier, but you have to remember that when you’re in the moment, all those reassurances don’t mean much.  You have to learn on your own, and I’m glad to say that three months after Jack was born, all the hobbies and things that my wife and I love to do – that defined us – are slowly coming back in our lives.  The amount of time we have available to be ourselves sure has changed, but you do learn how to manage your time.  You have to in order to keep your sanity!

And bottom line, it sure does feel great hanging out with Jack.  One day soon, I’ll need to bust out a second controller for him.  That is, if I can keep up with the tech and new games!



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