It’s Mother’s Day, Ask Your Father

I just turned on the Mets v. Phillies game, and the first thing I hear Gary Cohen say is “It’s Mother’s Day, ask your father.” That pretty much sums it up. And hey, after all the work that moms do, they deserve the day off plus an additional 364!

The truth is the reason why I even have time to write this blog is completely thanks to my wife, who is able to juggle taking great care of our baby boy, work a full-time job and keep together a household. Sure it’s not always so simple, things get messy – and hey! I do help out too. My wife is inspiring to watch – so many emotions, so many challenges, so many things that I just will never understand from a woman’s and mother’s perspective – and she handles herself with such grace and beauty. While I ask “How?,” she finds a way. While I feel like I should be awarded Olympic Gold for changing a Level 10, dirty diaper, she takes it on – no questions asked – and then some! I’m fully in love with her and the strength that she shows.

But anyway, this post isn’t just about kissing my wife’s butt, although I know she’ll be reading this, and I am totally going to get some brownie points for her first Mother’s Day. The point is there are a lot of moms and a lot of different kinds of families out there – all of which are doing the best that they can to be there for their kids. As a guy, it’s also a special time to celebrate all the moms in my life and all that I’ve learned from them, including my own mom to my sisters to all the women in my life that have helped shape me into the person I am today. Today, I’ll try to be the mom and the dad to our son, so my wife can have a relaxing day. And not even half way through the day, I’m exhausted and losing steam. I really don’t know how she does it. I guess I’m still learning from my wife: the new mom.


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