Dads need a bottle too…in moderation, of course.

Dads: Take a load off; it’s Friday. You’ve had a long week. This is the week where your kid woke up screaming at 1 a.m. and decided to pull an all nighter with his one and only guest – yours truly (Father of the Year). Oh sure, you have a presentation to give at 9 a.m., but you won’t need sleep. A cold shower and a 30 minute dog walk – in which your furry children decide to bark at everything that moves – will surely wake you up.

This was the week where not just one car, but two, decide to break down and/or get flat tires. When you go on your next interview, and they ask if you can multi-task, you won’t say anything. You’ll just laugh and remember how you juggled bringing two cars to the mechanic while finishing your projects on time. You’ll laugh, and then slowly descend into a comatose state, as the PTSD and exhaustion kick in.

Doctor appointments, deadlines, meetings, monthlies/quarterlies, bath time, gym time, jury duty…you’ve mastered the week. And after the laundry is done and you’ve had dinner and taken a hot shower, you’ll sit down on that heavenly couch and exhale for the first time all week.

The next thing you know, your hand will instinctively reach for a glass of your choice. My recommendation? Good old, American bourbon. Booker’s Bourbon, to be precise. Take a load off, Dad. Enjoy a glass…maybe just one glass – you still have a kid to take care of. Get back to work!


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