Dream Big, Ladies!


Dream big…and do good. For all the fathers out there that dream for their daughters and to all the little girls with big hopes, tonight we reaffirm that the future is yours for the taking.

There continues to be a need to empower women and create the opportunities that allow an equal stage for female innovators throughout the world. But for just tonight, we celebrate this historic moment. For tomorrow, it’s back to work. Tonight, we lift our young daughters onto our shoulders. Tomorrow, they’ll lift all of society up to a better life!


It’s been busy…

You know those times in your life where you barely have time to get a haircut and you have to bring out the hair trimmer and hope whatever you do to your hair resembles something not like the bowl cuts you got as a kid? That busy!

Remember when you used to be able to go to the gym 4-5 times a week and enjoy the extra energy that it gave you? Now I settle for climbing the stairs from the living room to the bedroom – every time I forget my cell, and then my watch, and then my wallet, and then my glasses. I have a pot belly but my legs are looking great!

Remember those Sundays when it was raining and you’d turn on the TV, sit on the couch and Netflix the day away? It took my wife and I a week to watch The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Do you understand the torturous patience it takes to invest the time in finishing that awful movie, knowing you’ll just wish that you could get your time back but too stubborn to quit half-way through?

Baby, work, dogs, baby…repeat.  It’s easy to get lost in the routine. But somewhere within the day in-day out, I try my best to read between the lines and find little successes. Whether it’s finishing a project at work that has a big impact for my team and the great people we work with, or just succeeding in putting a fussy baby to sleep without him waking up once, I try to remember these victories. That’s what StarterDads is all about – a written log of what it means to succeed as a dad (as a parent) – even when you’re completely drained or feel like the setbacks are wearing you down. So bring on the busy! And let’s get StarterDads started…again.

Breakfast of (parent) Champions!

I eat right; I exercise. But sometimes, when you have two crazy dogs to walk, a babysitter to pick up and you’re already running late for a 9 a.m. meeting, you make due with a granola bar, Diet Coke and coffee.

And that pretty much sums up what it’s like being a new parent: making due. Like when you would love to take the time to grind the coffee beans and brew a fresh cup, but instead, you make due with a watered-down Keurig. Or when you’ve had a long day and would like an even longer, hot bath, but instead, you make due with a 5 minute sprint / shower.

Adaptation and acceptance are the best friends of any parent. Every day, my wife and I accept that the routines we had before baby won’t necessarily work anymore. And the quicker we come to terms with it, the faster we adapt to our new lifestyle.

It’s not all bad; we celebrate our little victories when it comes along. This past Sunday, we finally watched “Inception.” I had rented the DVD from Netflix – five months ago!  It felt like we would never have the time to watch the movie, particularly one with such a complex plot. So six hours after starting the movie – after stopping three times to feed the baby, make dinner and walk the dogs – the end credits came on the screen, and Cathy and I felt a huge sense of accomplishment. Not only did we finally have our first movie-night date in forever, but we actually finished a movie. And yes, our egos were feeling rather large knowing that we actually understood it! Nothing like a quick minute of feeling normal to make you appreciate all those other moments you don’t.

And the Red Bull is now wearing off…